Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Egypt long Nile cruise from Cairo to Aswan

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Super Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan is an extraordinary sailing trip in Egypt.
Between Cairo and Aswan for15 days sailingon the great Nile to discover the hidden treasures of ancient Egypt from the pyramids of Giza to the Rock tombs of Bani Hassn in Minya to the valley of the Kings in Luxor to beautiful Aswan city with its attractions.
Super Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan is an incredible Nile River Cruise experience in Egypt between Cairo and Luxor and Aswan on board of ultra- deluxe Nile Cruise combining tours along the Nile to Pyramids of Giza and Historical Cairo, Valley of the Kings in Luxor city and Philae island and temples in Aswan with much more historical sights to explore while cruising the amazing Nile from Cairo to Aswan or from Aswan to Cairo.
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Combining the pyramids, sphinx and Egyptian Museum in Cairo with an extended Nile Cruise from Cairo to Aswan has long been one of the worlds most desired trips. Newly re-opened, this classic river cruise gives you the chance to see and learn about some fascinating ancient history while watching rural Egyptian life pass by as you sail along the Nile.
Explore the River Nile with us, all the way fromCairo to Aswanfrom the comfort of your 5-star-deluxe Nile Cruise boat. The lower reaches of the Nile between Cairo and Abydos have been closed to Nile cruisers for over 15 years, and this tour offers an exciting chance to be one of the very first to sail this route now it has been officially re-opened.Note: Very few boats are operating this route, and due to the continuing low numbers of visitors to Egypt, long periods may pass between any boats running, however we are offering 4 guaranteed sailings in 2016.
This fascinating journey passes through rural Egypt where you can watch traditional Egyptian life on the banks of the river Nile as you sail by. You will also visit all of Egypt’s most famous and important historical sites such as the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings, as well as some such as Tel Amarna, Beni Hassanand Hermopolis that are seldom visited and that this cruise is now making more accessible.
This 2-week cruise alternates between running from Cairo to Aswan, and then from Aswan to Cairo.
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