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Cruise on Lake Nasser

Have you ever thought about taking a cruise on the Lake Nasser in Egypt?
Most of people all over the world know about the Nile river cruise but few of them
Know about the cruising on Lake Nasser behind the high dam
Here we will try to give some lights on the cursing on Lake Nasser
Lake Nasser Cruises adventures
Experience a relaxing journey south on Lake Nasser to see the monuments and ruins of Ancient Nubia. Spend an evening docked next to the temples at Abu Simbel.
The cursing on Lake Nasser is not just a tour or a vacation cruise in Egypt it is an adventure.
What you expect to see while you are cruise on Lake Nasser?
The Lake Nasser cruise is about 3 or 4 nights from Aswan to Abusimble or vice versa
You will discover the Nubian temples while you are cruising on Lake Nasser
Visit Kalabsha temple and Biet Elwali temple then you will continue to Amada temple and Elsboua temple or lion’s temple because it has many statues looks like lions so called Elsboua .
After that you will visit Qasr Ibrim also you will end the sightseeing on Lake Nasser .
By Abusimble temple and stay one night in front of the temple of Abusimble enjoy incredible
Experience by joining Abusisimble sound and light show it really amazing.
Besides the sightseeing on Lake Nasser you will enjoy amazing views of the Lake Mountains, hills
Sand and temples, birds and crocodiles, fish etc
So the cruise on Lake Nasser is an adventures for life time.
Look at Egypt tours offer you the best of cruise packages for the Nile and Lake Nasser.

learn about Egypt tours

Learn more about Look at Egypt Tours
Look at Egypt tours is Egyptian travel agency and tour operator established by Ahmed Abdalfattah
Egyptian tour guide and Egyptologist since 2006.
The vision for look at Egypt tours & travel is based on the sustainable tourism and green tourism
For the protection of the Egyptian heritage and environment in Egypt.
Also social responsibility look at Egypt tours hiring the local to achieve its missions
We hire local guides from each city in Egypt Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan etc.
We encourage our tourists and guests to buy the souvenirs from local markets and bazzar
To encourage the local industry in Egypt and keep it going.
Look at Egypt tours offering a wide range of travel and tour services in Egypt.
We offer you family holidays in Egypt and Nile cruises
Egypt classical packages 

Egypt desert adventures and Safari.

Egypt beach holidays in the Red Sea.

Ancient Egypt tours & cultural trips

Egypt camping trips in Siwa

Egypt MICE services
Transpiration and visa assistance.
Look at Egypt tours offering you also multi –country tours to Jordan & Dubai, Morocco
don’t limit yourself to Egypt only we can extend your adventure to many countries in the Middle East
Travel to Egypt and Jordan visit the Pyramids and Petra, cruise on the Nile and swim in the Dead Sea
Visit the holy family churches in Cairo and the holy place in Jordan it is an epic adventure.
Take a tour to Egypt and Dubai discover the newest city in the world with the oldest civilization.
Visit Egypt & Morocco with us enjoy the hiking and the real Arabian country and Egypt.
More over look at Egypt tours offering you 100% tailor-made itineraries to suit you desire and budget.
We can design any travel itinerary for you, you just send us your details and we will make the best for your vacation.

 Travel to Egypt and book Tours in Egypt in affordable prices .

How to plan the perfect tours in Egypt.

If you are planning to travel to Egypt for  your vacation and looking for travel tips.

Or useful information for planning the perfect tours in Egypt, here we try to guide you

to make the best tours of Egypt for your Egypt holidays .
First of all you decide for how long you want to spend in Egypt for your Egypt vacation
Then you should decide which hotels and cruises you want to stay 4 stars or 5 stars
or Luxury holiday in Egypt , all of this will be according to your budget .
We always recommend to choose local travel agency from Egypt not international travel portal
Because most of these portals take a commissions on your booking so to get the best price for tours in Egypt you should choose local travel agency from Egypt.
What is the best vacation spots in Egypt you should visit during your tours in Egypt?
Visiting Egypt attractions Egypt has many amazing vacation spots you will enjoy it during your
 Tours in Egypt visit the pyramids of Giza and Cairo and Luxor city in Upper Egypt
Visit Valley of the Kings and the temples in Luxor also your Egypt tour will be perfect if you
Take a Nile cruise on the Nile River enjoy the best of Egypt attractions on the Nile
Relax on board of Luxury Nile cruise all-inclusive and enjoy the best of Egypt holiday

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Travel to Egypt & book Egypt tours

Things to consider when you plan to book your cheap Egypt tours & trips:
The most important thing is to plan your Egypt tours with local travel agency from Egypt this will give
You a direct local price now days most of the online travel portal or travel website hiring
Local guides from Egypt or Local tour operators from Egypt or any other countries and publish their Egypt tours and Egypt packages then on each booking they take a commissions.
This make the cost of your Egypt tours is very high if you compare it with local travel agency from Egypt
So we recommend you to plan your Egypt tours with Egyptian travel expert.
We are look at Egypt tours offering you tours in Egypt for your Egypt vacations find cheap Egypt tours & tripswith Nile River cruise to explore the best of Egypt sights and attractions.
So To find cheap Egypt tours & trips for your holidays in Egypt you should search for local travel agency
Offering you the best rates for your Egypt holidays so we will be so proud.
If you choose look at Egypt tours to travel to Egypt with it.
You can visit our website  or contact us to

We invite you to browse our range of Egypt small group tours to experience the realEgypt adventures Travel on a small group tours to Egypt and let our guides give you the best memorable Egyptian experience with a range of Egypt trips and Nile River Cruises including the best attractions in Egypt such as Giza Pyramids & Sphinx, Cairo, Valley of the Kings, Luxor temples and Aswan .
We recommend you if this is your first time to visit Egypt to have a Nile river cruise with cairo and the pyramids tours this package we call it Egypt high light tours or the beauty of Egypt tours
We can do it in 7 days with a cruise for 3 nights from Aswan to Luxor or in 9 days with a cruise on the Nile for 4 nights .
What is the cost for Egypt tour package? we can make your tour to Egypt including hotels and cruises and domestic flights with private guide for only 800 USD per person .
Travel to Egypt with an insider and discover the wonders of ancient Egypt .

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Browse our range of Egypt beach holidays Luxury and Cheap Res sea vacation packages.
We offer you the best deals for your beach holidays in Egypt with trips to Cairo.
Or trips to Luxor from Hurghada to explore the ancient cities of Egypt.
We offer you also beautiful beach holidays in Egypt with Nile cruise trips
Enjoy the Sun & Azure Water & discover the ancient Egypt history in unique.
Egypt package the best for family holidays in Egypt Food, Culture and Relax.

Sharm El Sheikh the Egyptian Riviera

It is famous for its azure water and otherworldly landscapes Sharm El Sheikh.
Has the best coral reef in the world enjoy water activities in Sharm Elsheikh & Diving.
Stay in luxury resorts in Sharm Elsheikh for your holidays all-inclusive.

Hurghada Holidays in Egypt

 Hurghada is the second biggest town on the Red Sea and, thanks to its famous coral reefs.
One of Egypt’s busiest vacation spots Hundreds of hotels and touristic villages .
Restaurants are crammed into its serpentine 20-kilometre coastline.
Book the best holiday packages in Hurghada and stay in all – inclusive resorts.

Some of our hotels & Resorts in Hurghada

Some of our hotels & Resorts in Hurghada

These are sample itineraries & we can design your Egypt Beach Holidays to suit your desire & budget.

Book Your Perfect Egypt Tours & Holidays
Travel to Egypt & Find the best way to design an affordable Travel in Egypt with Look at Egypt tours Egyptian travel agency offering you the best of Egypt holiday deals for your tours in Egypt & Egypt trips, book Cheap Egypt tours & trips for your Egypt vacations & Nile River cruise with us.

How to plan the perfect vacation in Egypt?

How to plan the perfect vacation in Egypt?

All about Egypt Nile River cruises: A Must for a holiday in Egypt!
By Ahmed Abd alfattah Egypt travel expert
Egypt Experience, Visit Egypt, Egypt Nile river cruise

If you are planning to visit Egypt the country of Pharaohs the mother of civilizations
 to observe the vastness and mysteries  of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx , valley of the Kings
Abusimble temples and many other vacation spots in Egypt?
 Then it is necessary for you to know about the best possible way to visit Egypt and to have the best value of your Egypt Experience.
 Egypt mystery and historical importance of different sites in Egypt. Any vacation plan to Egypt is incomplete if it doesn’t include Nile River Cruise tours after spending some days in cairo
Visiting Cairo’s sights and the pyramids then you can fly to Luxor or to Aswan to start your Nile river cruise full board enjoying the weather sunshine of Upper Egypt in Luxor and Aswan.
The best times for a cruising plan on the River Nile from September till April This is because of the fact that during these months, the weather in Egypt remains slightly cooler with nice breeze at night.
 Planning a cruise on River Nile in the summer can be difficult because of excruciating heat. However,
The offseason cruising plans may prove to be cheaper than winter.
If you are planning for holiday in Egypt in recent future, you may opt for Nile cruise schedules of various cruising lines.
It is a known fact that the over view of various Egypt historical places, cities, and monuments while cruising on the river Nile is the best Egyptian experience one can attain during their tour to Egypt.
Most of the cruise lines and trips start from Luxor to Aswan at the bank of Nile or one may opt for the reverse route starting from Aswan while travelling back to Luxor.
Starting your cruising tour while enjoying the mysterious beauty of Karnak Temple the largest temple on earth, can be the best start for your lifetime Nile cruising experience.

The hieroglyphics, architectural beauty, and beautiful statues of Karank temple will impress the core of your heart to such an extent that you will never be able to forget the experience of observing this amalgam of science, Religion, and engineering talent of the Ancient Egyptian

 How to long is the Nile cruise package?
The cruising Nile tour could be short for at least 3 nights from Luxor to Aswan 
Or 4 nights from Luxor to Aswan or 7 nights form Luxor to Aswan & back to Aswan.
Cruising on the river Nile as it will offer you to visit and experience all the major monuments and historical sites of Egypt which are situated at the banks of River Nile.
What expected to see during your Nile cruise on the Nile?
You will enjoy the Luxor west bank visit the Valley of the Kings and Hatshpsut temple
Visit the amazing karnak temple and Luxor temple in the East bank of Luxor city.
On the way stop and visit Edfu and Kombo temples in Aswan you will visit the beautiful Isis temple
Your tour to Egypt will be perfect with the Nile cruise we invite you and your family
To visit Egypt and enjoy the best of Egypt in your Egypt holiday.
Please browse our range of Egypt tours & Nile river cruise and choose the best of Egypt package for you.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gara Cave Desert Tour

it was formed by the rain through millions of years 55 million years ago discovered by

Gerhard Rolfs on Dec 1873.

water dissolved the limestone to shape amazing stalactites and stalagmites it is
An icicle-shaped formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave

Prehistoric people lived in the cave probably during late Neolithic period as evidenced by

Artifacts and graffiti art found in the cave the cave is truly magical place to visit

in the heart of the western desert in Egypt.

Egypt Djarra Caves Desert Adventures with white desert safari trips

Experience Egypt’s deserts and oases like traditional nomads on camel-back following

ancient caravan routes between natural springs and unique cultural sites
Visit Bahariya oases with its rich agricultural and geologic history

White desert is located in 365 km south west of Cairo. Bahariya is in the middle of Egypt’s western desert

With 5 main oases: Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga and Siwa.

There are many discoveries in the white desert like the valley of golden mummies the biggest of this kind

Some of the mummies are located now in the Golden Mummies Museum. The mummies are covered with a thin

layer of gold and wearing gypsum masks also there are many tombs and temples.

Bedouin tents under the stars and enjoy the Bedouin food it is very delicious

Breakfast and picnic lunch and BBQ dinner many tourist call it gastronomic tour in the desert.

Sand boarding in the sand dunes in the Egyptian desert it is amazing adventures .

Photo sessions :

Photo sessions please don’t forget your camera take photos to see wind curved sculptures

which resembled both Human and animals shapes it was shaped through millions of years.

Also you enjoy the best sunset and sunrise you have never seen before.
Hot springs in the desert.

You can take shower in the desert as well enjoy the hot springs in the white desert after

Adventure day by Jeep or Camels .

Crystal Mountain : is an obligatory stop for adventurous safari tours in the white desert of Egypt

A small natural arch in the rock and the glittering calcite crystal walls make it a perfect place to pose for photos

We invite you to one of the best Egypt desert Safari trips with Look at Egypt tours.

your tour to Egypt Djarra Caves Desert Adventures & the white desert is unique adventure

Specially if you want to escape from the city and relax in the desert.

Djarra Caves & white desert Safari Itinerary 5 Day /4 Nights

Day 1: Cairo - white desert

Look at Egypt tours representative will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo at the morning

Then will transfer you to the Bahariya oases by modern air-conditioned vehicle

It is about 400 Km off road driving upon arrival you will have Lunch and visit the golden mummy’s museum

And the tombs of the Nobels then move by Jeep 4×4 to your desert safari

Overnight Bahariya.

Day 2: Bahariya–Gara Cave

Breakfast then you will drive to Gara Cave or (Djarra Caves ) it is about 175 Km from the white desert.

Lunch will be on the way then you will camp in the desert at night to start next day visiting

Gara – Cave  dinner will be on the camp BBQ dinner.

Day 3:Gara - Cave visit

Breakfast at the camp then visit Gara – cave and enjoy amazing place .

Then Transfer to Aqabat or ( wonder land) about 150 km driving. Then Overnight Camping in the desert.

On the way you will make sand boarding in the desert. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

Day 4: White desert Jeep safari

After breakfast, visit the Magic Spring and Ain Khadra where we have our lunch continue to Santa tree (Magic tree)

then enjoy the Desert which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Shining white limestone covers the

surface and makes amazing rock formations like chicken or camel or rabbit mushroom etc giving the place its name

Aqabat or the wonder land , overnight Camping

Breakfast , lunch ,dinner included

Day 5: Back to Cairo

After your adventures in the white desert and Gara- cave you will back to Cairo by private car .

please note this are  sample itinerary and we can customize anything you need

to suit your  arrival and budget .