Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Cruise on Lake Nasser

Have you ever thought about taking a cruise on the Lake Nasser in Egypt?
Most of people all over the world know about the Nile river cruise but few of them
Know about the cruising on Lake Nasser behind the high dam
Here we will try to give some lights on the cursing on Lake Nasser
Lake Nasser Cruises adventures
Experience a relaxing journey south on Lake Nasser to see the monuments and ruins of Ancient Nubia. Spend an evening docked next to the temples at Abu Simbel.
The cursing on Lake Nasser is not just a tour or a vacation cruise in Egypt it is an adventure.
What you expect to see while you are cruise on Lake Nasser?
The Lake Nasser cruise is about 3 or 4 nights from Aswan to Abusimble or vice versa
You will discover the Nubian temples while you are cruising on Lake Nasser
Visit Kalabsha temple and Biet Elwali temple then you will continue to Amada temple and Elsboua temple or lion’s temple because it has many statues looks like lions so called Elsboua .
After that you will visit Qasr Ibrim also you will end the sightseeing on Lake Nasser .
By Abusimble temple and stay one night in front of the temple of Abusimble enjoy incredible
Experience by joining Abusisimble sound and light show it really amazing.
Besides the sightseeing on Lake Nasser you will enjoy amazing views of the Lake Mountains, hills
Sand and temples, birds and crocodiles, fish etc
So the cruise on Lake Nasser is an adventures for life time.
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