Wednesday, 30 March 2016

learn about Egypt tours

Learn more about Look at Egypt Tours
Look at Egypt tours is Egyptian travel agency and tour operator established by Ahmed Abdalfattah
Egyptian tour guide and Egyptologist since 2006.
The vision for look at Egypt tours & travel is based on the sustainable tourism and green tourism
For the protection of the Egyptian heritage and environment in Egypt.
Also social responsibility look at Egypt tours hiring the local to achieve its missions
We hire local guides from each city in Egypt Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan etc.
We encourage our tourists and guests to buy the souvenirs from local markets and bazzar
To encourage the local industry in Egypt and keep it going.
Look at Egypt tours offering a wide range of travel and tour services in Egypt.
We offer you family holidays in Egypt and Nile cruises
Egypt classical packages 

Egypt desert adventures and Safari.

Egypt beach holidays in the Red Sea.

Ancient Egypt tours & cultural trips

Egypt camping trips in Siwa

Egypt MICE services
Transpiration and visa assistance.
Look at Egypt tours offering you also multi –country tours to Jordan & Dubai, Morocco
don’t limit yourself to Egypt only we can extend your adventure to many countries in the Middle East
Travel to Egypt and Jordan visit the Pyramids and Petra, cruise on the Nile and swim in the Dead Sea
Visit the holy family churches in Cairo and the holy place in Jordan it is an epic adventure.
Take a tour to Egypt and Dubai discover the newest city in the world with the oldest civilization.
Visit Egypt & Morocco with us enjoy the hiking and the real Arabian country and Egypt.
More over look at Egypt tours offering you 100% tailor-made itineraries to suit you desire and budget.
We can design any travel itinerary for you, you just send us your details and we will make the best for your vacation.

 Travel to Egypt and book Tours in Egypt in affordable prices .

How to plan the perfect tours in Egypt.

If you are planning to travel to Egypt for  your vacation and looking for travel tips.

Or useful information for planning the perfect tours in Egypt, here we try to guide you

to make the best tours of Egypt for your Egypt holidays .
First of all you decide for how long you want to spend in Egypt for your Egypt vacation
Then you should decide which hotels and cruises you want to stay 4 stars or 5 stars
or Luxury holiday in Egypt , all of this will be according to your budget .
We always recommend to choose local travel agency from Egypt not international travel portal
Because most of these portals take a commissions on your booking so to get the best price for tours in Egypt you should choose local travel agency from Egypt.
What is the best vacation spots in Egypt you should visit during your tours in Egypt?
Visiting Egypt attractions Egypt has many amazing vacation spots you will enjoy it during your
 Tours in Egypt visit the pyramids of Giza and Cairo and Luxor city in Upper Egypt
Visit Valley of the Kings and the temples in Luxor also your Egypt tour will be perfect if you
Take a Nile cruise on the Nile River enjoy the best of Egypt attractions on the Nile
Relax on board of Luxury Nile cruise all-inclusive and enjoy the best of Egypt holiday