Sunday, 9 August 2015

Travel Tips for First Time Travelers to Egypt

first time in Egypt

Planning a new travel to Egypt one gets very excited and when the traveling is for the first time, it adds more zeal. I remember when it was my first time, the day I had to start travel; it was like a mixed feeling. I was extremely excited and I was scared at the same time.
you have many questions in your mind like is Egypt safe to travel to?
is it hot ? what about the religion code if they have ? how is the people ?
is there guide for my languages , how can i found a good hotels and how can i arrange my tours and trip? 
all of these questions come in mind specially that the media now adays  talking about egypt in bad way and i dont know why , all of us know the media looking for any fabricated news 
i wouuld like to give you some facts about Egypt tourism .
we received on 2010 more than 12 millions tourists .
after the revolution and the arabic spring we suffered for while and now we started to recover and receive more tourist from all over the the world.
what you should do for your first time travel to Egypt.
you should choose a very good travel agency and i recommend always to be a local one which means from Egypt this will be more cheaper and better 
beacuse maybe you cant find easily beacuse all the international companies like viator or tripadvisore etc will appear to you on google so you should go deeper and make advanced search ,try to search from the third page 
by this way you will cut the third parti and you will save alot of money,
iam ahmed local travel expert from Egypt.
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