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find the best way to make your Nile cruise in Egypt

What is the best way to do the Nile cruise in Egypt in style?

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A journey along the Nile is one of those iconic journeys that occupies many a traveler’s bucket list – the shimmering dry heat, the mesmerizing bustle on the river banks, the ancient monuments that tell the tales of pharaohs dating back millennia, the sleek boats that slice seamlessly through the waters of the mighty river. It is a tableau that seems to evoke the glamour of the Art Deco period, thanks in part to the elegant mystique of Agatha Christie’s whodunit, Death on the great  Nile

This is tailor-made travel in its truest form. The cruise can be chartered for four and seven-night cruises, sailing between Luxor and Aswan, following an itinerary of your design, taking in as many – or as few – of the sights you want, docking and disembarking to explore hallowed Egyptian landmarks; any or all the Temple of Philae, Edfu, the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, Hatshepsut, Kom Ombo, the Temple of Karnak. And because this is travel à la carte, you can also choose to visit fascinating sites that are not on the mainstream itineraries, such the Valley of the Workers, a self-contained village on the West Bank, where the workmen who built the kings’ and queens’ tombs lived – and died; you can visit the tombs that they created for themselves and their families, relatively modest people, nonetheless decorated with art.
When on board, you will be plied with a succession of delicious food – breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and à la carte dinner are the order of the day, every day; meals are served on deck during sailing if weather permits (this being Egypt, it usually does), ensuring you have a riveting and ever changing backdrop as you tuck into mouth-watering international and Middle Eastern cuisine, painstakingly prepared with the freshest of ingredients by the chef and his crew. And because this is a private charter, you can shape menus to suit your preferences. It’s like having your own dinner party every night, only with no need to think about the shopping, the cooking or the clearing up. (Although it does offer cooking lessons, if you do fancy having a go.

What is the best way   to do the Nile cruise in Egypt in style?
A holiday that fits your precise requirements – hand-crafted by  Egypt travel consultant with first-hand knowledge of the region you want to visit; it is our job to understand exactly what you are looking for, and, drawing on their own experience, contacts and insight, design a trip that incorporates the experiences, the activities, the style of accommodation, the pace of travel and the level of luxury that is important to you. A trip to Egypt, for example, might include, a few days in Cairo to see the Pyramids of Giza and the treasures of Tutankhamun at the Egyptian Museum before heading to Aswan to embark on a cruise on the Nile on an elegant Nile cruise, building in whatever excursions.
you want along the way, such as Abu Simbel, eco-camping in the desert and the ancient stepped Pyramid at Saqqara.

Private Set Departures you just decide when you want to visit Egypt and we will tailor-made .

We also offer a portfolio of journeys to Egypt – exceptional guides, insider access and seamless logistics, great accommodation – but are pre-packaged with flights, transfers, hotels and some meals, so you can see exactly how much your holiday will cost on a given departure date. These journeys are perfect if you have a degree of flexibility around your exact departure date or are working to a fixed budget as you will typically save around 20% compared with the tailor-made equivalent.  
simply you will send us an email for your duration and we will send you
all travel ideas to suites your budget and time.

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