Thursday, 18 February 2016

Egypt Safari and adventures

Give yourself an incredible desert exceperince in Egypt in the white desert and Siwa oasis
Discover the marvelous beauty of the white desert that has no equal.
Wake up every day and have your eyes with magical beauty of the white desert
Explore the white desert treasures and The crystal mountain , Enjoy sandboarding in the dunes.
Siwa is the stuff of Egypt desert daydream enjoy tripsand activities dig deep in the great sand sea and discover
The riches of Egypt’s history, culture and Geography , bediouin life and traditions.

In this Egypt desert adventure you will explore many sights on your way to Siwa Oasis visit Alamein city.
You will enjoy the place where the great wolrd battle WW II  took place  , visit also the military museum of WW II.
We recommend this trip for all explorer and people who love adventures and Egypt desert trips.
Egypt western desert tours high lights 

– Stay at desert hotels in Siwa
– Camping under the stars at the white desert
–  Jeep adventures and off road
Explore the mountain of the dead’s tombs
maximum .
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