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looking for Egypt Djarra Caves Desert Adventures

Egypt Djarra Caves Desert Adventures 

Egypt Djarra Caves Desert Adventures & Exploration of  western desert in Egypt!!!
Djarra Caves : called also  Gara Cave  located in the western desert of Egypt .

it was formed by the rain through millions of years 55 million years ago discovered by
Gerhard Rolfs on Dec 1873.

water dissolved the limestone to shape amazing stalactites and stalagmites it is
An icicle-shaped formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave
Prehistoric people lived in the cave probably during late Neolithic period as evidenced by
Artifacts and graffiti art found in the cave the cave is truly magical place to visit
in the hear of the western desert in Egypt.
Experience Egypt’s deserts and oases like traditional nomads on camel-back following
ancient caravan routes between natural springs and unique cultural sites
Visit Bahariya oases with its rich agricultural and geologic history
White desert is located in 365 km south west of Cairo. Bahariya is in the middle of Egypt’s western desert
With 5 main oases: Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga and Siwa.
Historical sites in the white desert
There are many discoveries in the white desert like the valley of golden mummies the biggest of this kind
Some of the mummies are located now in the Golden Mummies Museum. The mummies are covered with a thin
layer of gold and wearing gypsum masks also there are many tombs and temples.

Activities in the white desert in Egypt.
Camping in the white desert full board.
Bedouin tents under the stars and enjoy the Bedouin food it is very delicious

Breakfast and picnic lunch and BBQ dinner many tourist call it gastronomic tour in the desert.
Sand boarding in the sand dunes in the Egyptian desert it is amazing adventures .
Photo sessions :
Photo sessions please don’t forget your camera take photos to see wind curved sculptures
which resembled both Human and animals shapes it was shaped through millions of years.
Also you enjoy the best sunset and sunrise you have never seen before.

You can take shower in the desert as well enjoy the hot springs in the white desert after

Adventure day by Jeep or Camels .
Crystal Mountain : is an obligatory stop for adventurous safari tours in the white desert  of Egypt
A small natural arch in the rock and the glittering calcite crystal walls make it a perfect place to pose for photos
We invite you to one of the best Egypt desert Safari trips with Look at Egypt tours.
your tour to Egypt Djarra Caves Desert Adventures & the white desert is unique adventure
Specially if you want to escape from the city and relax in the desert.