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Siwa Oasis Desert Safari Adventures

Siwa Oasis Desert Safari Adventures

Siwa Oasis desert safari adventures|Siwa Oasis desert safari tours |Desert safari trips to Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis  one of the most mysterious of all Egypt’s oases and the most fascinating oasis in the western desert
Its history has not only been shaped through the ancient civilizations and the ages that witnessed.
but also by the contrast of the surrounding desert and the great sand sea so it has no equal.
For a cultural trip in Shali the oasis’ main town check out the strange ruins of the Shali Fortress which dominate the town center and walk along sandy paths to find the Temple of the Oracle, once visited by Alexander the Great himself
to consult the Oracle of Siwa. Finish your day by taking a dip at Cleopatra’s Pool, where the legendary queen herself is believed to have once swum. Don’t forget to buy some Siwan Crafts on your way, and spare an hour or two for a visit to the charming Siwa House Museum.
Siwa Oasis has many unique attraction we will cover it all during your Siwa Safari tour

1-The Mountain of the Dead or ( Gabal Elmwata )
This small hill at the northern end of Siwa Town, is honeycombed with rock tombs peppered with amazing  wall
paintings. Its name is Gebel al-Mawta, means ‘Mountain of the Dead’ and most of the tombs here
date back to the 26th dynasty and Ptolemaic and Roman times.
these tombs were used by the Siwans people as shelters when the Italians bombed the oasis during WWII.
2-Hot spring ( Bir Wahid)
One of the best Siwa excursion is the freshwater lake at Bir Wahed, 15km away on the edge of the Great Sand Sea. Once over the top of a dune, you come to a hot spring, the size of a large Jacuzzi, where sulphurous water bubbles in
a pool and runs off to irrigate a garden. Cooling down in the lake then watching the sun set over the dunes while soaking in a hot spring is a breathtaking experience.
3- Temple of the Oracle
This is the most important temple in all the Egyptian desert built in the 6th century B.C
And it was dedicated to Amun the main Gad of the desert who was responsible to supply
Them with water .
This temple was famous in the ancient time and was reputed by that his priests used
To tell the future its power was such that some rulers sought its advice while others sent armies to
Destroy it.
Following the track that leads to the Temple of the Oracle and continuing past the Temple of Umm Ubayd will lead you to Siwa’s most famous spring, Cleopatra’s Bath. The crystal-clear water gurgles up into a large stone pool, which is a popular bathing spot for locals as well as tourists.
Quad bike tour across a beautiful landscape surrounding Siwa Oasis, You’ll find several places
in the oasis that rent out quad bikes.

Enjoy also the local traditions and local food you will find a lot of fun during your desert Safari
eSiwa Oasis has many to offer we are waiting for you.