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Looking for White Desert Safari Tours in Egypt?

Egypt White Desert Safari Tours :Find the bestselling Desert tour safari in Egypt we offer you the most recommended Desert tours in Egypt and the most popular holiday packages in Egypt.
Our desert adventures in Egypt give you the opportunity to Explore all that Egypt’s Desert has to offers.
In this adventure you will have a unique mixture between the culture & the Safari by staying 2 nights in Cairo visiting the great pyramids and the Egyptian Museum , old Cairo etc,
Give yourself an incredible holiday experiencing the safari life with its marvelous beauty. Wake up every day and have your eyes filled with magic of the wild life at the most protected areas in Egypt such as Baharya oases, the amazing White desert beside visiting the great pyramids of Giza and sphinx Also visit the great Egyptian museum and tutankhamon treasure and old Cairo all of this and more you can enjoy it by booking
cheap Egypt white desert packages , the most popular white desert adventures in Egypt highly recommended.

This tour is flexible you can changed or add or omit any items or days and we can customize your tour to suite you budget and time.
This tour could be run all the year.

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In this tour :
Sand boarding in the desert
Visiting pyramids and sphinx at Giza
Cairo tour and Egyptian museum
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